What does the location of melasma formation tell you?

Melasma is always a topic of interest to many Spa owners, learn about Melasma treatment methods, where Melasma appears has a separate meaning for each location, so the location of melasma formation tells you. what ? Here, Mod Le Thanh Hien shares directly with you what you need to know about the location of Nam’s formation.
In each training course MAP TRI NAM, Hien always emphasizes this module very carefully.
Have you ever asked customers questions like:
Are you often sleep deprived?
– Have you been through a period of stress about money?
– Are you being treated for kidney disease?
Remember, when you just started your career, you don’t have much experience, professional courses often stop at the theory of definitions and mechanisms: freckles are …, melasma is … No one taught me how to do it. To look at the position or color of melasma, diagnose the customer’s internal pathology, because many people hide it, they rarely tell the spa owner what disease they are or have been treating until you I skillfully exploit the knowledge I have.
That day was still immature, seeing melasma was receiving, not fully exploiting the customer’s information, rushed to treat melasma, after removing melasma, it was even worse, 2-3 times later there was still no progress, the customer was frustrated, I panicked.. That was one of the times when Hien wanted to quit her job.
Vị trí hình thành Nám
But there was a time when Hien accidentally chatted to know that she was being treated for liver tumors, there was no other way Hien had to ask to end the course soon, accept to pay for this customer and fortunately, the customer understood and informed. feeling after Hien analyzed the problem.
From that lesson, Hien immediately began to study documents, clinical observations based on her experience during 4 years of eating and sleeping with melasma, has drawn up a MAP of melasma based on melasma. Formation position!!
Are you ready? Take out a pen and paper and draw yourself a lovely round face, full of parts!
This location of formation of melasma is correct for melasma that has a coffee brown color that is linked like clouds. Basically, melasma usually appears in the following locations with the following corresponding causes:
For each of these positions, the cause of melasma formation is revealed, and a set of questions is formed to advise the process.
For example, melasma appearing under the eyes is postpartum melasma. Most women after giving birth appear melasma in this area.
Because of the discrete connection feature, in some cases, you can treat a shallow peel on the surface of the new melasma.
From here arises the question: how many children have you given birth to? Since pregnancy, she has started to appear and become darker after giving birth….
Melasma mustache is caused by gynecological diseases, impaired ovarian function, irregular menstruation. The feature of melasma in this area is located in the muscle area that works often, so when doing the technique, it often peels off earlier than other areas, prone to hyperpigmentation.
Similarly for other locations such as forehead area, smile acupoint, around the mouth …
The things Hien shared above are personal experiences drawn and learned during nearly 5 years of working.
Please read the article carefully, filter the information that is right for you…. What I wrote above, there may be many people who judge right and wrong… But for Hien, Hien thinks it is RIGHT. .
Because Hien believes that if you apply this knowledge to the sale closing consultation, you will be sure to “hit the black heart” making customers listen to you…
Or when you use it to treat melasma skin for customers, it is one of the effective assistants to plan a regimen to eliminate melasma, limit risks and bring the most optimal effect!

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