2 days sharing with a team of experts in the SUPER RETAIL MONEY BILLION class

Message to 50 spa owners who are having difficulty in business and sales solutions.
EZB invites you to participate in 2 days of sharing with a team of experts in the SUPER RETAIL MONEY class in HCMC. The program of learning and practicing on the spot, not the motif of taking notes or recording videos, but the program is based on experience and reality that is completely different from before.
Therefore, if you feel that you really want to change your thinking, how to act, want to have a goal and have a new way to increase revenue and increase your self-worth, please register!
The program content includes many lessons, lessons on patience, lessons on programming thinking retail on the spot, with you to make money right in the classroom.
We encourage you to let your staff go to school together, so that the team can sell on the spot like real professionals.
Just exchanged with a team of experts, both given gifts, and taught retail on the spot, and of course only for those who participate fully.
The program does not discriminate against any spa model. Everyone has a different perspective. As long as you really want to change, really want to discover how much you will develop, take the opportunity to join this program.
With the criterion, not only does it help you to become a PROFESSIONAL, you must develop the mindset that both earns money, has wisdom, and helps others earn money, that’s what’s sustainable for you. after that!
EZB Group – A group of leading experts in the beauty industry.
To register, please send a message via EZB’s fanpage.

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