AQUA PROBIO CARE EZB intensive hydrating and restoring microflora balancing Cream

    Uses: A skin is considered damaged when it is experiencing many problems such as: thin skin, weak skin, acne-prone skin, and easily irritated skin by external factors. Damaged skin has many levels, but they are all extremely sensitive and need to be cared for carefully and persistently over a long period of time. The cream has a texture similar to the main component of the skin structure, helping the skin become shiny and smooth
    – Promotes the wound healing process
    – Prevent transepidermal water loss
    – Moisturizes skin, slows down the aging process, increases elasticity
    – Soothes irritated and damaged skin
    – Locking cream, creating a deep nutritional film, limiting the evaporation of essence/serum, thereby increasing the effectiveness of skin care
    – Prevent harmful elements from entering the skin (dirt,...)

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